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Procurement-Management 3



Starting out in procurement or refreshing your procurement skills after a break, means getting to grips with the «Essentials» of the topic. This course is ideal for that purpose. The course examines how corporate procurement takes place – usually on a competitive footing, but sometimes by placing direct orders with a supplier. The course will unpick the advantages and disadvantages of competitive procurement and looks at who does what and when they do it. It will also walk through the key steps in the procurement process and examine examples of procurement documents, such as the Statement of Requirement (also known as the Scope of Work).

Procurement Excellence is more than just operating a process. Skills in managing colleagues, potential suppliers and higher management are all necessary. But perhaps the most important ingredient is exercising judgement. Procurement involves making decisions, and that can be difficult. A good procurement manager needs to be able to set aside personal preferences for particular suppliers and operate transparently but in such a way that the organization for whom he works makes the right choices. These choices are based on a proper definition of needs and an assessment of how those needs can be met and by whom. This course explores these issues comprehensively.

The course also includes site visits to organizations relevant to the course so delegates can develop an understanding of how their contemporaries function in the real world.

The course will wrap with a summary of the key learning points, followed by an action planning exercise with a view to applying the acquired knowledge and skills immediately upon your return to work. Post-course support is also available in relation to the implementation of your action plan, up to six (6) months following course completion.


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