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There are a number of ways to invest your money. Determining which investment option is right for you will depend on your particular investing goals.

Bonds, stocks and mutual funds are the most common ways consumers choose to invest their money. Investments in gold, real estate and other alternatives are generally high-risk but can also be high in reward – if you have the right expertise.

As an entrepreneur who operates businesses on an international stage it is natural that you are keen to organise your business and financial affairs in a way that takes advantage of the most favourable and efficient international tax rates and protects your assets.

The reality, however, can be both a great deal more complicated — a host of legal and statutory regulations must be negotiated in order to attain the most efficient tax status, both for individuals and companies.

To find the best solution you need a first class team of experts on your side.



Investment consulting is at the heart of our firm.  Germes Group utilizes a rigorous, multi-step process to select investment managers for our clients. This process is grounded in the financial markets research of the past 10-plus years and uses proprietary research, and reporting analytics to identify suitable managers in each asset class.

The fundamental philosophy upon which this process is built is Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) and market efficiency/equilibrium. We know that risk and return are highly correlated. To achieve greater investment returns, investors need to be willing to accept greater investment risk (typically defined as short-term volatility). We also know that different asset classes (i.e. bonds, large cap stocks, real estate, etc.), have different risk profiles and therefore provide different risk premiums to investors willing to accept their inherent risk. Expected investment returns are based on an investor’s allocation to the various asset classes available in the marketplace. The primary determinant of a fund’s investment performance is going to be its asset class exposure.

Since the average investment manager cannot add value on top of the asset class returns and because asset class returns are so readily available through index and passive investment products, we start with our default assumption that we may index any given asset class. From here we look at the universe of actively managed investment products to determine if we can identify one of a minority of active managers that are likely to add value net of their fees.

Our investment selection process is as follows:




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